QED UVF Petroleum Analyzer

The Powerful QED UVF Petroleum Analyzer

The QED UVF analyzer is a genuine step forward in on-site testing, giving you the best quality data in seconds! On-site testing used to be expensive, and the kits were difficult to use. The QED simplifies tried-and-true methods and brings the cost right down in comparison to laboratory methods.

On-site testing is now the method of choice! The QED is easy to use and generates high-quality data in the field at a low cost and in real time. In combination with our chlorinated solvents techniques, it is the complete package for those seeking to reduce costs and increase the number of successful remediations.

The award-winning QED is the only on-site analyzer to fingerprint and quantify hydrocarbons in seconds. Major cost savings of between 30% to 60% are readily achievable through an increased confidence in the site conceptual model and by minimizing remobilization and unnecessary soil removal.

Features Include:
• Identifies the Type of Petroleum Hydrocarbon in the Sample
• Provides Accurate Results for BTEX, GRO, DRO, TPH, SUM 16 PAH, & BAP in a Single Two-Second Analysis
• 1 mg/kg Detection Limits in Soil & 0.05 mg/l in Water for Most Petroleum Fuels & Oils
• 0.1 mg/kg Detection Limits in Soil, 0.01 mg/l in Water for Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons
• Unprecedented Quality Assurance Systems to Ensure Valid Data
• Low per Sample Cost Using Environmentally Benign Solvent (Methanol)
• Up to 15 Samples per Hour Throughput
• Rugged, Portable, Small Footprint, 12V System Can Be Used Anywhere from the Back of a Car to a Laboratory
• Approved in North Carolina as a Replacement of Method 8015 for Assessment & Verification of Fuel Spill Remediation