Ultraviolet Fluorescence

The QED UVF hydrocarbon analyzer uses the same solid state micro-spectrometers used by NASA ( Mars, Moon and various space probes and rovers) to provide unrivalled accuracy in identifying petroleum hydrocarbons and PAHs here on Earth.

Only UVF can do all this:

  • Identifies the type of petroleum hydrocarbon in the sample. In fact, UVF can identify up to three different hydrocarbons in one sample in a single 2 second analysis.

  • UVF will provide quantification for the hydrocarbon concentration.

  • Provides accurate results for Coal Tar, total BTEX, GRO, DRO, TPH, sum 16 PAH and BaP in one 2 second test.

  • <1 mg/kg detection limits in soil and 0.05 mg/L in water for most petroleum fuels and oils.

  • 005 mg/kg detection limits in soil, 0.01 mg/L in water for Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)

  • 002 mg/kg for BaP

    • Natural compound identification and subtraction. The UVF easily identifies and subtracts background organics, such as leaf mold or biofuels. These are incorrectly reported by GC as Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon, (TPH,) entailing unnecessary expenditures in soil removal and remediation.

    • Will generate a result within 10 minutes of taking the sample – Up to 15 samples per hour throughput.

    Utilized for either soil or water matrices