FROG-4000 Mini-GC/PID

FROG-4000 - Mini-GC/PID

RED Lab is now a distributor and service provider of the FROG-4000, developed by Defiant Technologies. This unit is equipped with a mini gas chromatograph and a photo ionization detector that allow for the detection and quantification of various volatile organic compounds. The list of detectable analytes include BTEX, chlorinated alkanes, and various fuel additive compounds. As a service provider and distributor of this technology RED Lab offers onsite services for field testing with the FROG-4000.

Environmental Applications



Chlorinated Alkanes

  • PCE
  • TCE
  • DCE (cis/trans)
  • Vinyl Chloride

Fuel Additives

  • MTBE
  • ETBE
  • TBA